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Project-based learning made easy, where students in grades 3 - 12 can

learn, create, share, and teach each other

Co-founded by Award-Winning Educator and Author, Esther Wojcicki 

We’re bringing Esther’s student-centered teaching pedagogy to classrooms around the world as a practical, no nonsense approach to help children find their confidence and get excited about learning again.  




Empower student voice and choice through kid-driven, student-directed learning paths.

Provide the structure and support for learners to harness their passions and apply them toward something educationally valuable — teaching.

Skyrocket self confidence with peer-to-peer mentorship, awards, and feedback in Tract's project gallery.

Pioneer a Paradigm Shift in Education with Kid-Driven, Curriculum-Aligned Content 

Search our growing library of CCSS and NGSS aligned classes, or send us your lesson plans to have our team of Creators develop project-based lessons that align to your school’s curriculum and classroom goals.

Safe and Secure

Our number one priority is safety and privacy for all of our members, and our strong compliance practices have earned us the privilege of serving schools and parents across the globe.

Our Three-Tiered Approach to Student Safety


Leading Teachers & Influencers Love Tract

Students will be more engaged if they have the agency to decide what they want to learn

My students light-up when it is time to use’s that engaging to them.

My students are excelling in areas they haven't even thought about before - like coding!

"Teachers looking to support students in pursuing passion projects or making the most of genius hour can leverage Tract to ensure that those student-centered learning experiences are rich and rewarding."

"The engagement levels are so high...we are now going to be doing Tract Tuesday every week - our version of 20% Time where their program can be dedicated to Tract for half of the day."

“Teachers think it's difficult to find the time within the curriculum to start using project-based learning, but with Tract, you can stand back and just watch your kids go!”  

Lynn Cashell

Dr. Catlin Tucker

Megan Nelson-Latu

Teacher, Bethel Springs Elementary

Educator & Author

Teacher, Ōtaki College

If you are interested in trying out a PBL experience but unsure where to start, Tract has you covered.

With Tract, all students can find something to match their unique interests and skill level.

Tract provides a student-driven, secure space that aligns to our school of innovation.

"Teachers can give all students (including aspiring content creators) a structure for setting up a class of their own. Tract’s platform provides support to help students harness their passions as they create their own content."

"We have about 15 students as our designated 'Tract ambassadors,' who are in charge of introducing the platform to their peers. Our teachers love it because students can run with it and use it on their own." 

Authentic PBL focuses on student-centered learning and empowers students to develop their skills in many areas...To help with PBL, I found Tract, a peer-to-peer program for students ages 8+.

Dr. Regina Stewman

Rachelle Denè Poth

Monica Burns

Principal, Sonora Elementary

Educator & Author

Educator & Author


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