We're an online community where kids teach kids through multimedia.

Tract isn’t your everyday EdTech platform—and we don’t want to be. We're the place where teachers go to help students become epic content creators and develop 21st century skills.


A Virtual Celebration of Student Work That Solves Real-World Problems

Download the Tract-a-thon Project Guide collection, featuring 5 curriculum-aligned multimedia lessons from kid-favorite celebs and influencers, aimed toward providing students with an authentic audience and recognition for the projects they complete this semester.


Tract doesn't replace your lessons and projects—it supercharges them.

Our platform enables busy teachers to transform what they teach in the classroom into interactive and fun educational projects led and created by kids. With Tract, students sharpen their critical thinking skills and solve real-world problems as they learn, teach, create, and share their own multimedia content.

Boost engagement by making student work communal and interactive. 

All kid-created content on Tract is interactive, with built-in commenting, liking, and sharing features, as well as gamification, awards, and live community events that keep students excited and engaged.

Provide a broader audience for student work 

To further elevate student creations from the semester, all projects submitted on Tract are automatically entered for awards and recognition in December 9th’s Tract-a-Thon: an interactive, virtual event celebrating student work within the community through special awards and surprise guests and experts.

Keep students safe and secure

Tract provides a safe and secure space for kids to feel empowered and express themselves. Our strong compliance practices and moderation have earned us the privilege of serving schools and parents across the globe. 

Tract is FERPA, COPPA, CCPA, EdLaw 2-D and SOPPA compliant.

Co-founded by Award-Winning Educator and Author, Esther Wojcicki 

Through enriching educational content, community, and virtual events, Tract brings Esther's world-renowned pedagogies to life, arming educators with the tools to empower the next generation while making learning fun, real-world relevant, and student-directed.


Hear from our vibrant community of educators increasing their impact through Tract.

Put 21st Century Skills Into Practice

Find More Time for PBL Time

Supercharge Your Genius Hour

“If you want your students to practice these critical 21st century skills - which they’ll need to be successful in the workforce - Tract is it.”

“It’s hard to find resources that are free, work with the school’s iPads, and can integrate with our curriculum and PBL Time. Tract checks off all the boxes.”

“I’ve been trying to find a good way to implement a genius hour project...I’ve used FlipGrid, Google Classroom; Tract is by far the easiest way to do it.”


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