Tract for GATE Enrichment

Learn how Tract's turnkey solution empowers gifted and talented students to accelerate both in and outside of the classroom.

I get bored at school because I’m told what to do, and how to do it. I'm never bored on Tract...there’s a huge variety of topics, and they’re all exciting!

– K., Tract Learner, Age 10


On-demand classes paired with the structure and support to empower gifted and talented students to accelerate, matching high-level students’ general abilities and specific talents with optimal learning opportunities throughout their K-12 years





Get Time Back In Your Day

Provide Out Of Classroom Support

Spark New Interests & Creativity

Accelerate GATE Enrichment

Developed by Esther Wojcicki

Inspired by Esther's award-winning teaching pedagogy, Tract empowers Gifted and Talented students to strengthen their 21st Century skills and accelerate their learning both in, and outside, the classroom.