Tract for Genius Hour / 20% Time

Empower students to explore their own interests and passions at a self-directed pace, while within the support system of the classroom, for 20% of the time

We've now implemented "Tract Tuesday" - our version of 20% Time - where classroom programming is dedicated to Tract for half of the day.

- Ōtaki College, New Zealand


Tract provides the structure and support to keep the whole class engaged through customized learning paths aligned to each student's unique passions and interests




Challenge Every

Provide Expertise on Every Topic

Save Time Lesson Planning

Track + MonitorProgress

Developed by Esther Wojcicki

Inspired by Esther's award-winning teaching pedagogy, Tract's solution for 20% Time empowers students to strengthen their 21st Century skills and accelerate their learning while within the support of your classroom.