Learn Through Teaching Lesson Plan

Provide high achieving students and aspiring Creators with the structure and support to harness their passions and apply them toward something educationally valuable — teaching.


How to Create a Learning Path on Tract

Download the Learn Through Teaching Lesson Plan, then have students follow along on Tract for in-depth video lessons and prompts aligning to each stage of the 7-week lesson plan

The way the lesson plan is laid out is easy to follow - I plan to launch this in the classroom over a several week period!

– Lynn, Garnett Valley School District


Sharpen 21st Century skills through a hands-on educational experience that gives students the ability to self-direct, deepen passions, and inspire the next generation by creating a class on Tract







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Developed by Esther Wojcicki

Inspired by TRICK, Tract's Learn Through Teaching program brings Esther's award-winning teaching philosophies to the classroom, enabling teenage students to strengthen the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century - like clear communication, collaboration, and self-efficacy.